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"Lips are the most expressive feature on a persons face"

LIP FILLERS are unsurprisingly one of the most popular aesthetics treatments. Volume loss occurs in the lip as we age and some people also have naturally thin/shapeless lips which they want to improve. Dermal filler can be added to the lip through a variety of different techniques in order to hydrate the lips, restore volume and improve the shape.

The lips are one of the first areas you are taught to treat but in my opinion, they are also one of the most difficult and this is why I class it as a speciality treatment. No one set of lips is the same and it is important to be able to use a variety of techniques in order to get the best and most natural results.

I have undergone many lip masterclasses and more recently decided to further my skills by completing online training with Julie Horne, who is a world renowned lip specialist.

Strong  numbing cream is applied to make the procedure as pain-free as possible and only takes around 30 minutes to carry out, with results lasting 6-12 months. The price for lip filler is £195 for 0.7ml and £235 for 1ml.

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