I graduated from Dundee University with a degree in Dentistry in 2011 and spent the next 5 years working full-time as a dentist between Dundee and Fife. In October 2016, me and my husband Mike opened a own brand new dental practice called KW DENTAL which has since become one of the top dental practices in Dundee. I completed my foundation Botox & Dermal Fillers training in June 2016 and have been carrying out facial aesthetics treatments ever since, whilst also working as a principal dentist at KW Dental.


I have since gone on to complete further advanced aesthetics training, meaning I can now provide a wider range of treatments! I have also achieved certification in PROFHILO and medical grade skincare brand ALUMIER MD which includes medical facials and chemical peels.

Dr Hannah Jackman

BDS Dundee 2011 GDC: 208982

PGCert Skin Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine

University of Manchester

(due to be completed 2021)

Botox dermal fillers Dundee facial aesthetics lip fillers non surgical rhinoplasty profhilo skincare botox and fillers lip enhancement

Why Choose Me?

  • Experience

I have 10 years experience as a dentist, (plus nearly 5 years in aesthetics) so I am very accustomed to having a needle in my hand all day every day! This also means I can provide dental block anaesthesia (if required) to make certain procedures, such as lip fillers, completely pain-free. I'm also very used to treating anxious patients, so don't worry if it is your first time getting an aesthetics procedure, I will do all that I can to put you at ease!

  • ​Knowledge​

My time at dental school not only taught me how to drill and fill, but also provided me with an in-depth knowledge of head and neck anatomy, which is absolutely crucial to providing facial aesthetics. In September 2020, I began working towards my PGCert in Skin Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine with the University of Manchester. This postgraduate degree is specifically designed for medical and dental professionals with an interest in aesthetics. I am also committed to my CPD (continuing professional development) and have memberships and subscriptions to many different aesthetics platforms, regularly undertaking webinars and further training to keep my knowledge up to date.

  • Attitude

My motto is 'Safe. Natural. Beautiful'. You should always feel completely safe and trusting of whoever is providing your aesthetics treatments. Although serious complications in aesthetics are rare, I have undertaken further training in complications mastery, so you know you are in safe hands! Plus, as a medical professional I can also prescribe any required medications in the case of emergency. I will always carry out a thorough consultation and answer any questions or concerns you might have prior to carrying out any treatment.

Experience & Certification

  • GDC (General Dental Council)

  • PGCert in Skin Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine (due to be completed 2021)

  • Fully insured by Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance

  • Member of ACE (Aesthetics Complications Expert) Group

  • Member of Teoxane Training Academy

  • Subscription to Aesthetics Journal & Aesthetic Medicine magazine

  • Subscription to e-MASTR Online

  • Training completed with:

    • ​​Dr Taimur Shoaib, Consultant Plastic Surgeon. La Belle Forme, Glasgow

    • Laura Miller, Advanced Nurse Practitioner. La Belle Forme, Glasgow

    • Dr Tim Pearce, SkinViva

    • Dr Ayad Harb, Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon (expert in non-surgical rhinoplasty)

    • Facial Aesthetics Courses​, Glasgow

    • Academy of Advanced Aesthetics @132, Glasgow

    • Cosmetic Courses

    • Kiss Aesthetics

    • HA-Derma

    • Wigmore Medical

    • Healthxchange Academy

Safe. Natural. Beautiful.


Aesthetics treatments should only be carried out by trained professionals, with knowledge of facial anatomy and who know how to carry out procedures SAFELY.


When done correctly, aesthetics treatments will just make subtle enhancements, keeping things NATURAL and leaving people wondering if you've even had anything done at all.


Aesthetics is not about making everyone look the same, but more about enhancing your own natural beauty and feeling more BEAUTIFUL inside and out.